green washing
as consumers become increasingly environmentally conscious, they are more likely to choose sustainable accommodations over those that make false or misleading claims. greenwashing is a term used to describe the practice of making misleading or exaggerated claims about a product’s environmental friendliness. it not only damages the environment but also hurts the hotel's reputation.
at susteam we are committed to promoting genuine sustainability in the hospitality industry. our goal is to help hotels prioritize sustainable practices and avoid greenwashing. we believe that by providing easy and transparent certifications, we can help hotels attract eco-conscious guests and gain a competitive edge.
6 signs to look for
  • buzz-words (green, eco, sustainable)
  • lack of proof and vagueness
  • suggestive pictures (flowers, trees)
  • best in class (better than competitors, yet harmful)
  • symbolic actions (offsetting harmful actions)
  • irrelevance (non-existent competitor comparisons)

use cases

sustainability use case
stand out
you are committed to sustainability, but how can you show it to your potential customers?
susteam's certification makes it easy for you to showcase your sustainable practices to the world, helping you build a better brand and attract more customers.
stay compliant
this can be a daunting task, and reporting can be time-consuming and difficult. with susteam's dynamic certification, you can easily track your ESG scores in real-time and generate straightforward reports that will help you stay compliant with regulations, such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).
sustainability use case
sustainability use case
attract investors
as regulations around sustainable business practices continue to increase, more and more real estate investors are seeking out hotels that prioritize sustainability. susteam allows you to easily track your ESG scores and receive dynamic certification, helping you attract eco- conscious investors and stay ahead of the regulatory curve.
mitigate insurance risk
do you face risks associated with environmental and social issues that can impact your business? these include supply chain disruptions, reputational damage, and legal liabilities. mitigating these risks by providing data-driven ESG risk assessments has a positive impact on operational costs.
sustainability use case

sustainability certification

dynamic certification
  • real time data synchronization
  • transparent and secure sustainability proof
intuitive design
  • easily understandable data visualization
  • highlights on the highest scored indicators
scoring accuracy
  • cross checked and reliable data sources
  • rating algorithm based on academic research
straightforward integration
  • integratable API connection and web plugin
  • no specific know-how required

why susteam?

scoring algorithm
scoring algorithm
based on academic
data transparency
intuitive scoring
data validation
data validation
different sources
data validation
all in one
consistent data for
every product
fast integration
fast integration
without additional
want a fast and
transparent digital
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